Jemgbah Zone

The Jemgbagh bloc has three local government areas as follows: Gboko, Buruku and Tarka. Jemgbagh comprise Tombo and Nyam clans.  Jemgbagh is Ipusu comprising Kparev (Gboko), Kparev (Buruku) and Kparev (Tarka).

Chief David Afatyo is Tor Jemgbagh.

The third Tor-Tiv, HRM James Akperan Orshir, a Tombo man from Jemgbah and son of Ipusu (Kparev) was from Buruku LGA.  He ruled from 1979-1990 and died at the age of 65 years. The Jemgba bloc produced Brig. Gen. Atom Kpera from Gboko LGA who ruled from 4th January 1984 to 28th August 1985, and Mr. George Akume from Tarka LGA who ruled between 29th May 1999 to 29th May 2007.

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