What is Kwagh-hir?

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Kwagh-Hir (literally meaning “something magical”), depicting the relationship between human life and its spiritual essence. It relates life to spirit world (and oftentimes the animal world) in the sharing of knowledge, love, healing, etc.

“Kwagh-hir u tan” pertains to a test of knowledge through questions that require outstanding wisdom in answering while “Kwagh-hir u kuhan” or “Kwagh-hir u vinen” refers that tales by way of music, songs and dances. Kwagh-hir u kuhan is a traditional Nigerian puppet theatre show of the Tiv tribe of central Nigeria. The Kwagh Hir performance is a mixture of: Storytelling, Poetry, Puppetry, Music, Dance, and Drama. Traditionally the Kwagh-Hir group has consistently been organised into four different categories which are: the management, the musicians, the performers and the sculptors.

There is normally a role that is suitable for different members of the entire community. An elderly man usually tends to be the leader of the Kwagh Hir group the Ter u Kwagh-Hir meaning father of Kwagh Hir. His job is to organise the group and settle any differences or disputes that may arise.

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